Turkeys are here!

38 little broadbreasted bronze turkey poults arrived last night at midnight at the post office. I had ordered 36 and the hatchery sent an extra few “just in case”. One was slightly deformed, but the others are all perfect. It is amazing that newly hatched little baby birds can handle a trip across the country in a cardboard box.

We had our brooder all set up. I used chipped up Douglas Fir branches for bedding, so it smells divine in there. I was told that the turkeys have trouble in the beginning learning to use the waterers and food. One suggestion was to use the little waterers that attach to a glass canning jar. The shininess of the jar attracts them. Sure enough, I put in a white plastic waterer and one of the glass ones. Several of the poults came right over to the glass jar and learned to drink. So far I haven’t seen any at the white one. I guess I’ll put a few glass beads in there to attract them.

I bought an old motorhome and gutted it hoping to use it for a brooder. By the time the turkeys arrived, I had electricity to it, and most of the trash was hauled away. It still needs to be leveled, though, and I need to build and enclosure. So the babies are in my shop in a watermellon box for now. They seem happy there, which give me time to get the motorhome ready.

These turkeys have a short amount of time to grow for Thanksgiving. At butchering time they will probably be between 8 and 12 pound. Do  you want one? You can order one at this address: http://www.denwallyfarm.com/pasturedpoultry

broadbreasted bronze turkey poults

New babies just arrived


About denwallyfarm

Raising pastured poultry, cattle and goats in the Willamette valley, Oregon.
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