Heritage turkeys

The picture of turkeys at the top of this page is not a picture of Broadbreasted Bronze. They are a very old breed of turkey called Auburn. These turkeys can fly! They breed on their own and hatch out their own chicks. It is very interesting that the tom quickly takes over caring for the babies once they have hatched. The female has been sitting on the eggs for so long, she needs a break to get out and forage for food. The turkeys sleep roosting in the trees. This year my Auburns hatched out six chicks which will be available for Thanksgiving dinner. They will be small – probably 8-10 lbs. Turkeys taste better the longer they go before processing. The extra time gives them a little more fat which is where the great flavor is. At Thanksgiving, these guys will be just old enough to have great flavor.

Meanwhile, the Broadbreasted Bronze poults have quadrupled in size. They have been moved to the motorhome brooder and are already outgrowing their larger space.  I am busy making an outdoor shelter for them to move to when they no longer need the brooder heat.

You can now reserve either type of turkey on my website HERE.


About denwallyfarm

Raising pastured poultry, cattle and goats in the Willamette valley, Oregon.
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