Turkey Day

How was your thanksgiving turkey? I hope everyone had a fantastic experience with theirs. Here’s how mine went…

The turkey I cooked was a 20 pound Broad breasted Bronze. The day before cooking, I rubbed it all around with my favorite spice blend (organic no-salt seasoning from Costco). I have a oil-less turkey fryer which works great! For some reason, you don’t lose any moisture as drippings.  Therefore, I stewed the giblets overnight to make a gravy. We got a late start putting the turkey in to cook, so it was almost 11:00 AM before we lit the gas turkey cooker and put the bird in. At about noon a strong wind came up. Close to 1:00 PM I went out to see how the turkey was cooking and discovered that the wind had blown out the flame in the cooker. I could put my hand right on the turkey and had no idea if the meat had cooked at all. We re-lit the cooker in the garage for wind protection. Needless to say, the Thanksgiving dinner was pretty late. The turkey was ready to come out at 4:00 PM. It was fabulous! The meat was juicy, tender and very tasty. No one minded waiting so long for dinner once they tasted the turkey.

So let me know how yours turned out.



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Raising pastured poultry, cattle and goats in the Willamette valley, Oregon.
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3 Responses to Turkey Day

  1. Massimo Battistini says:

    Was quite tasty but had to work around some pin feathers.

  2. Chris Jordan says:

    Hi Denita. Our turkey turned out great although I didnt do anything special. I put some stuffing in the cavities, oiled it up, rubbed it with salt and pepper and herb de provence then roasted at 450 degrees for one half hour. Then I turned the temperature down to about 325 for the rest of the cooking time. It took about four hours for a twenty pounder. Everyone loved the turkey and the meat was very moist.

  3. Sally Cummins says:

    I had the easiest preparation for my 20 lb. turkey. I gave it to my daughter-in-law and she cooked it! Whatever she did to it was great. It came out looking just the perfect kind of golden brown and it was very juicy. Everyone told me to tell you that they really enjoyed it. A great success!

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