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Raising pastured poultry, cattle and goats in the Willamette valley, Oregon.

How to Cook a Heritage Turkey Hen

  Turkey has a tendency to cook unevenly – the breast being so high in the air becomes dry and the legs are usually over cooked and soggy because they sit in the bottom. The easy way to correct these … Continue reading

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Chef June’s Chicken Noodle soup

Today I made one of my favorite childhood dishes – chicken and home-made noodle soup.  For the first time in my adult life, I decided to purchase  a natural pasture raised heritage chicken from Denwally Farms to use for making … Continue reading

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Why pay more for chicken?

Why would anyone pay $18.00 for a skinny chicken when you can get one in the grocery store for $5.00? Well, it depends a lot on what is important to you,  I suppose.  Here are a few of the reasons … Continue reading

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No more Cornish Cross Broilers!

This year was the first time I tried the Cornish Cross broilers. The chicks seemed to get off to a pretty good start. They develop very fast and came out of the brooder as soon as I could get a … Continue reading

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Turkey Day

How was your thanksgiving turkey? I hope everyone had a fantastic experience with theirs. Here’s how mine went… The turkey I cooked was a 20 pound Broad breasted Bronze. The day before cooking, I rubbed it all around with my … Continue reading

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Turkeys are outside!

Yes, last week we moved the turks to a new shelter outdoors. They sleep in the shelter at night and then are allowed to go outside of the shelter in the daytime. There is an electric poultry net fence that … Continue reading

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Heritage turkeys

The picture of turkeys at the top of this page is not a picture of Broadbreasted Bronze. They are a very old breed of turkey called Auburn. These turkeys can fly! They breed on their own and hatch out their … Continue reading

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